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Hello horny boys, my name is Emily Watson and get ready for a time of your life. That is the way I start my private shows and it is something that I figured after a while. When I first started doing live cam shows, I was trying to be really dramatic and artistic in my approach, but the shows were not going as planned. So, I went back to basics and started just by being honest. And immediately, my followers responded in the best possible way.

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My visits went up, and the number of satisfied participants spiked month after month. My ratings were good as well and I knew that I’ve created something special. But that’s not bragging or anything. What I really wanted to share is how being honest and open with my followers affected me. To be honest, i wasn’t really into the cam girl business when I started doing it because I felt exposed and not being able to see my partner really bothered me. But as I stated being opened about my desires and shared them with the participants of my show, I felt liberated.

The intimacy we share during a live show is really something else but at the same time, the anonymity it provides is amazing. I get to explore the perverted parts of the mind of my partners during a live show. And that really expands my sexual repertoire and the amount of experience I get is really amazing. At the same time, i offer my followers a chance to enter my bedroom and realize some of the otherwise unattainable fantasies with me.

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I do enjoy the attention I get from my followers as it fuels my desire to perform in front of the camera, and as a reward, i offer them a show specifically tailored to their needs and I’ve been told that’s really an amazing feat. I like the fact that everything I do gets judged and the feedback I get really enables me to learn and improve my shows and for that I am forever grateful for my followers. I love you all and looking forwards to repeated visits of yours, as well as meeting new people. Kisses to all.