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Reaching orgasm using webcam with Dashie

I had my share of partners but often found myself sexually unfulfilled. The reason for it is quite simple. I am on the extreme side of kinky. I enjoy some fetishes, many of which my partners considered overly aggressive or downright weird. So I was developing a serious problem because I couldn’t get the satisfaction I craved from my partners and traditional porn is just not quite adequate for me. So on a recommendation of a friend, I tried Dashie, I met her late at night while I was spending time in adult chat with live cams. She is a cam girl and at first, I was quite reluctant to even bother with that platform because I was doubtful it can deliver on the promise. But I was so wrong. Let me tell how my first encounter with Dashie went.

I was ready to get disappointed by pornography, yet again, and joined her private live show. Right from the start, there was something appealing about her. I was never quite intrigued by any girl as I was by her in that first session.

Dashie in kinky fetish outfit

fetish outfit

She started chatting me up, and I could tell that found me interesting as well. She had this aura around her that was unlike anything I have experienced before. And after only a couple of minutes, it was surprising to me how much I was enjoying this girl, even before any nastiness begun. She gently steered the conversation in the direction she wanted and started feeling me out. It took her less than 5 minutes to get me going and by that time I was already horny as hell. She started asking me all kinds of questions and the stuff she was familiar with amazed me.

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Years of sexual encounters couldn’t measure up to this girls perversion. She was quick and deliberate, and it almost felt like she was one step ahead of me all the time. As soon as I would think of something, she was already doing it. And whatever ever request I had, she was ready for it, with toys and everything. I never felt so sexually liberated and to be honest, that day is carved in my memory as one of the happiest days of my life. Sounds too good to be true? Trust me, it’s not.

I continued visiting Dashia regularly after that first encounter, and she provided a perfect balance for my perversion, and my ability to maintain a regular relationship. The whole reason I even talk about this is that there must be other people that are in the same predicament as I was, and this is to date the best solution for that problem. You can only gain by trying it out.