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Depression? Insomnia? What will happen after long sexless period?

The expert will tell whether the terrible penalty by nature waits for women who chose the road of abstention.

When in your life there is a regular sex, you feel fresh, happy and active. Agree, everything is much better than when it is absent. And what happens to an organism in the period of sexual calm? The psychologist-sexologist Kenda Willison will help to understand this question.

Let’s not frighten you by horror stories in the spirit of:

    One girl had year no sex, and to her began to happen terrible a thing.

No, nothing deadly and unimaginable happens to you. But sex is important for an organism at the physical and psychological level. Here therefore his absence anyway, but will influence activity of an organism.

Not sex, but its glorious final is useful

Many speak about advantage of sex and about harm to an organism because of its absence. But very few people specify that not sex, namely sex which comes to an end with an orgasm is useful. At the time of an orgasm in an organism there are physiological processes which positively affect health. Simple facts: sex without orgasm is as harmful as lack of sex. If in your life there is a regular sex, and there is no regular orgasm, it is an occasion to take care of the own life.

We always speak to clients:

    Each woman is responsible for the orgasm!

It means that it is not necessary to wait for years for a miracle or to blame the partner that you have no satisfaction. It is necessary to be engaged in self-research and to open for itself sexual education. And if to understand process subtleties (most or by means of experts), then the sexual life can be given to high-quality improvement.

Without orgasms it is harder to be happy

The big city is stresses, a depression and fatigue. In such rhythm we are forced to look for constantly for ourselves what can give us happiness and pleasure. And if scientifically to be expressed – a source of endorphins and dopamine. At the time of an orgasm the whole cocktail of hormones which bring us that feeling of happiness and pleasure is thrown out blood. If sex is not enough or in general not, you instinctively begin to look for other ways of to please. Most often it yum-yum, is more rare sport, etc. So, you replace to yourself a powerful source of hormones of happiness and pleasure.

The lack of orgasms weakens immunity

At the time of an orgasm, blood turns into the real hormonal cocktail which rejuvenates all cages of an organism and even fix broken and weak cells. Result: decreases actions of harmful factors on your organism. It does not mean at all that without regular sex any cold will not pass by you. The immunity can decrease, but you will feel it benign.

Without orgasm sleep quality is going down

Endorphins which are naturally emitted in the course of sex bring closer to a condition of euphoria. And it promotes full relaxation of a body. Hormone oxytocin which is released as a result of an orgasm, causes pleasant drowsiness, doing a dream to deeper. You will not have insomnia in the absence of sex. But agree, the dream after sex is more sweet and more pleasant, so, in the morning you will feel more well rested and happy.

Without orgasm you age much faster

Sex stimulates regeneration processes and even intensifies production of collagen. According to our regular gynecologist, for 35 at which smooth collagenic recession begins it is especially relevant for women. No, without regular sex skin will not become many times worse. But these processes slow down, so, and she will not be better too.