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Ideal secret mistress every man desires

Someone such ideal mistress man’s eyes? We can speculate a set, but sexologists summarized researches on this subject for a long time.

Our JasminLive expert specifies that to be a mistress does not mean to sleep with the married man, to destroy others life and happy marriage, it is one of social roles of the woman rather – same as “mother”, “daughter”, “colleague”. The mistress is a woman who consists in an intimate relationship online or real-life.

Feels sheer pleasure from sex

This is the woman who derives pleasure from sex. Actually, for the man it’s very important to feel that his woman is satisfied. It not just raises his self-assessment; it is one of behavior components – to seek to make to the half pleasant. Without this relation in couple will not be harmonious.

passionate sex in bed

Some girls, knowing it, prefer to imitate. But it is quite misleading approach. Even if the man does not feel deception, she remains unsatisfied – and it anyway is reflected in a relationship.

Surprises and pleases

The ideal mistress – the female lighter. It does not mean that she always in combat readiness and all the time wants sex. This is the woman who shows interest in sex and diversifies it not because it is necessary but because she wants. With her it is not boring, she is different, and therefore the male need for a variety is satisfied easily.

passionate kissing

Cares for appearance

The ideal mistress should not look ideally, all have shortcomings. The ideal mistress cares for the appearance. Looks after skin and hair. It smells delicious and is nice on the touch. It knows how a tax from the best party and to dement at one stroke hair.

Cares for health

This is the woman who cares for the health, including intimate. She perfectly realizes that sexual partners can change, and here an organism at her one. She realizes the value, insists on contraception, trains intimate muscles. It is also possible to refer awakening of erogenous zones to care of itself, the woman is a continuous erogenous zone, and she can receive an orgasm even from simple touch – it is only necessary to learn it.

Openly speaks about her sex desires

She does not do anything without own desire. Does not suffer from pain and is not silent when something goes not so. Uncomplaining silence frightens men – it seems to them that everything is so bad that worse than ever, and he, maybe, only pinched to your hair.